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What To Wear To Graduation

Posted on May 02 2017

Congratulations! You did it! All those all-nighters you had to pull, missing assignment deadlines because you waited until the last minute to do your work, making last minute trips to office hours begging for extra credit and averaging 3 hours of sleep per week finally paid off. Just when you thought you could let out a breath, relax, and call your family to let them know the good news, people start hitting you with the life questions. The most popular question you will be getting and should be prepared for, is “So, what are you doing after graduation?” Welcome to the real world.

Even before you get hit the real world questions, you have to make sure that you have everything in order so that you’re able to walk across that stage. First, you have to make sure that you have all your documentation in order by conferring your degree, submitting your graduation application, and making sure the announcer pronounces your name correctly. Secondly, you have to ensure that your resume and portfolio are up to date in order to increase your chances of landing that full-time job because nothing’s worse than having to move back home after having so much freedom. Lastly, you have to figure out where you will be living whether it be a matter of simply renewing your lease or going on the hunt for new roommates.

Now that we have all the necessities covered, it’s time to focus on more important things. You can’t have a successful graduation season without capturing the last few moments before entering into adulthood. You have the perfect photographer and you already know how your hair and makeup will look, so...what will wear? Here are some outfit inspirations to help you remember this day and how good you looked!

Trendy Romper

What To Wear To Graduation, Bella Rosa

Source: Devon J Imagery

While the typical graduation attire consists of a dress, that doesn’t mean you should be bound to the idea. Instead of doing the usual, opt out for a trendy romper that will make that horrendous, oversized graduation gown worthwhile. A black and white spotted matched with a pair of gold block-heeled pumps has the perfect mix of casual glam and comfort.

Signature Black

What To Wear To Graduation, Bella Rosa

Source: Nomepreocupe

For those who enjoy the classics and letting the accolades speak for themselves, a structured black dress is the way to go. Black will always be the “new” black; not orange, red, or any other color. Therefore, you cannot go wrong when matching a structured, pleated black dress with another classic, signature red bottom pumps. Let you successes speak for you but doing it in style doesn’t hurt.

Cut from a Different Cloth

What To Wear To Graduation, Bella Rosa

Source: BellaRosa Boutique

If you’re not into the traditional dresses and skirts, this is the perfect time to show that you’re “cut from a different cloth.” After all, it’s more fun to do your own thing rather than following what everyone else is doing or what is expected of you. BellaRosa is the perfect brand to make you pop out. The wild & free distressed tee, straight-laced pants, and ‘crush on you’ faux fur jacket are a force to be reckoned with and help you shine on your big day!

What would graduation be like without the most important people in your life helping you celebrate?! Whether it be your parents, friends, and other extended members, graduations are the perfect time to not only celebrate your academic achievements but also the support that helped you get to this point. If the graduate is looking fly, there’s no excuse for their supporters to show up just a fly. Here are some outfit inspirations for those attending a graduation ceremony.


What To Wear To Graduation, Bella Rosa

Source: All That She Wants

To account for everyone’s busy schedules, it’s important to incorporate multifunctional looks. A simple look that easily be transitioned from the office, in the morning, to a graduation ceremony, at night, with a simple change in the shoes.


What To Wear To Graduation, Bella Rosa

Source: The Fashion Medley

What exactly does it take to transform mom jeans from drab to fab? Simple. A sheer trench-like jacket paired with gladiator mules and vintage handbag. At first look, this doesn’t scream graduation but when it’s worn with the right amount of confidence, it can be taken anywhere.


What To Wear To Graduation, Bella Rosa

Source: Popsugar

In fashion, it’s easy to get so caught up in the latest trends and looks that basics typically fall to the background. Style is something that changes from person to person but shying away from basics is not the way to go. A simple tank and high waisted, denim bell bottoms paired with a classic black bag can be a look all on it’s own.

Graduation day is a milestone that should not be taken lightly. The day signifies four years worth of accomplishments and it’s, undeniably, a day that will always be remembered so make sure that what you wear looks such as great as your success!

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