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Weekend Getaway Essentials

Posted on May 16 2017

Now that you’ve made it to the end of the work week, the mood shifts from simply trying to make it through the week to figuring out how to make the most of the next 48 hours. Taking a quick weekend get-a-away from your everyday scenery is the perfect form of relaxation and self-care. After you have secured your destination, doesn’t always have to be somewhere fancy and avant-garde, you can easily plan daily activities that will help make the trip worthwhile in addition to picking the right people to accompany you.

You’ve taken the proper protocol to make sure your weekend will go as planned with a detailed agenda and list of activities but now it’s time to tackle the most daunting task of all...packing! This task is always stressful because you have to deal with deciding what to pack, making sure you’re not overpacking, and not forgetting anything important. Planning a trip, in itself, is stressful enough so there’s no need to add any more stress. With this list of weekend get-a-away essentials and knowledge of the weather, packing will be a breeze.


A weekender


    Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


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    Since this is a quick weekend trip, there’s no need to bring a suitcase for every category of items that you will bring. Opting out for leather duffel bag is more sensible because it forces you to pack just the essential items because of the limited space. You’ll be glad you brought along your duffel instead of your many suitcases when it’s time to load the items in and out of your selected accommodation.



      Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


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      Just because you’re going away on a quick vacation, doesn’t mean you get an excuse to slip out of your self-care routine. Toiletries are must and a great way to make sure that you don’t leave something at home is packing everything together in one travel bag.

      Classic White Tee


        Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


        Source: Black and Killing It

        As far as basics go, a white tee is an essential that works under, nearly, every circumstance. This item can go from night to day and has an easy of dressing it up or dressing it down.

        Comfortable shorts


          Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


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          With all the activities planned during the day, you don’t want to spend the whole day thinking about how uncomfortable you are. As we get deeper into the summer months, it’s only going to get hotter so a pair of flowy shorts will definitely keep you cool and worry free.

          A relaxed dress


            Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


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            What’s a vacation without the perfect maxi dress? After all, this is a time for you to relax and unwind and a relaxed dress is a perfect option to indulge in your time away from your busy week.

            The perfect jeans


              Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


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              Nothing completes an outfit more than a pair of boyfriend jeans! They add a certain flair to your outfit and have the ability to be super versatile. Skinny jeans are so last year, make sure you have a pair of these on your next trip.

              Light jacket


                Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


                Source: Black and Killing It

                Even though it’s spring/summer and the weather is acting accordingly, that doesn’t always mean it’s safe to pack away all of your jackets. Always pack a light jacket that will keep you warm when the weather drops at night.

                Brown Sandals


                  Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


                  Source: Camille Styles

                  Of course, you can’t go anywhere without packing a pair of shoes. Brown leather sandals are always the way to go, they will never fail you. Pair them with your classic white tee and boyfriend jeans for an effortless feel.

                  Trendy Hat


                    Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


                    Source: The Daileigh

                    It’s safe to say that for the larger part of your vacation, you will be in the sun so why not be fashionable why you protect yourself from the sun’s rays? A wide-brimmed hat will surely get the job done.

                    A functional bag


                      Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique


                      Source: Black and Killing It

                      At last, when you’re out and about enjoying the activities of your weekend get-a-away, you don’t want to deal with having to carry all your things in an oversized, heavy tote. Swap out that tote for a functional cross-body bag to enjoy more and worry less.

                      It’s okay to take a breather every once in awhile by going on a weekend get-a-away. It’s important to remember that when you’re packing, you want to pack items that are versatile and comfortable. Less about your packing skills and more about how you’ll be enjoying your get-a-away.


                      Weekend Getaway Essentials, BellaRosa Boutique



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