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Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl

Posted on October 10 2017

This year we’ve seen so many fads from the past resurface themselves as actual trends! Fashion is a fast moving cycle and in order not to be boring we have to innovate and using usual fabrics is the perfect way to innovate. This season the plastics are back! Clear PVC and Vinyls are being used in so many different garments. These materials create a sexy and fun look that almost seems futuristic. The thought of PVC and Vinyl being used for anything other than a raincoat may have you a little bit skeptical but this fabric can create many different looks and have you looking like a street style star. High end labels like Chanel, Calvin Klein and Miu Miu are even jumping into this trend. Don't be alarmed my friend, PVC and Vinyl can be worn many ways and fit anyone's personal style! Take some notes from the inspiration below.

Turn Up Your Fit

Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl

Source: Elle

These red vinyl trousers are popping! Mixing textures is a fashionista minded move. The red vinyl are very sleek on the bottom while the wool jacket on top creates a bulkiness that adds body to the outfit. A simple look with heels is a classic go to for so many occasions but the vinyl pants add a little something more to this otherwise very classic fit. Red pants are definitely a stylish move but with the combination of the color and fabric is the “umph” that every girl needs!

Combining Trends

Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl

Source: Vogue UK

This is not the first time we’ve seen clear shoes. Lately we have been seeing the absolute most stylish renditions of this trend we’ve seen to date. These Clear PVC Booties are very popular and even more fun. PVC Clear shoes have made their comeback in the light of the statement sock trend and these two trends pair together like PB&J! Wearing a bright colored sock, a fishnet sock or a patterned sock will look totally crazy but in the best way possible! You are sure to pull in looks from left to right with this stylish trick.

Office Chic

Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl

Source: Gabimay

Vinyl can also be you solution to boring office wear! Even though this a simple pencil skirt the futuristic fabric makes it look a little a less basic. The skirt above has an exposed zipper detail that gives a bit of punk rock. The zipper makes the skirt versatile, when zipped all the way the skirt can be for work but when unzipped this look can also be for play. This same skirt can be paired with a graphic tee as well for a total casual look.

Rainy Day Fun

Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl

Source:  Pinterest

If you're still iffy about Clear PVC in any other form than a raincoat that's okay because we’ve got news for you. Raincoats are trending as well. But these new raincoats aren't your average raincoat! They are coming back in the form of trench coats, with bright fun colors and finishes and linings. You now have a reason to be excited about rainy days! Pair your clear raincoat with a interesting pattern underneath or a simple all black look like above either way this rain coat will never be the same. In with the new and out with the old!

Just Like Liquid

Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl


What women doesn't like a sultry look? Well Vinyl is the ultimate sexy! This material will lay on your curves like liquid. The look above can be worn on a date or to a night out with your girls, either way you’ll be turning heads all over the building. With a dress like this color doesn't matter but pairing your vinyl dress with a simple strappy heel will keep all the attention on your curves. If you’re bold pair your dress with a leather knee boot and have them looking from head to toe!


There is no doubt that you will be the center of attention wherever you are while wearing PVC or Vinyl! Part of keeping up with fashion is being able to see the styling possibilities in all of the latest trends. So let these pictures and tips be your motivation to try this new and  unconventional trend!



Trend Alert! Clear PVC & Vinyl


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