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Top Fashion Bloggers to Watch!

Posted on January 16 2017

In the world of fashion, it’s not uncommon for inspiration to be pulled from virtually any aspect of life. From people who have left a legacy in the fashion world to a simple pattern displayed at a local fabric store. With the rise of social media, staying connected with everything fashion-related has been made easier with more and more curators showcasing their styles and expertise via instagram, twitter, facebook, and pinterest, just to name a few avenues. It hasn’t been long since fashion blogging made its debut on the fashion scene. In its early stages, fashion blogging/bloggers did not receive recognition from the major players in the fashion industry. Since it’s inception, fashion blogging/bloggers have managed to amount to tremendous levels of success with key bloggers gaining access to front row seats at fashion shows and paparazzi attention at red carpet shows.  Here are 6 fashion bloggers to watch as the market continues to expand.
Native Fox
Jennifer Grace is no stranger to fashion. She graduated college with a degree in fashion merchandising & design and the rest is history as she’s been granted the opportunity to work with major fashion houses. You can find her at where she constantly takes fashion to the next level with her risque looks.
Oli Worlds
In the world of fashion, things can be taken rather seriously whether it's buying or curating new looks. Fashion Blogger, Oliveira rises as the breathe of fresh air we all need through his carefree looks. One visit to his blog is all you need to become instantly hooked to this London/Lisbon based creative. He can be found at
Scout Fashion
There’s nothing that can stop a fashion creative, this is not merely a hobby rather a lifestyle. Sai De Silva and London Scout are the curly-haired mommy, daughter duo that are proving to us that fashion is better done in pairs. Head over to to see how this pair slays the fashion world, pre-k and all.
Dapper Advisor
Who says men can’t do fashion? No one but curator Akil McLeod saw that there was a void in the menswear industry and he took it upon himself to create the Through this blog, he shares tips, looks, and his expert critique on making the professional setting more...dapper.
Arteresa Lynn
Arteresa Lynn is a fashion blogger, personal stylist, and natural connoisseur. She proves to us that it's not impossible to follow all of your passions as long as you have the work ethic to match your goes. You can find her on where she's always giving style tips, natural hair tips, and offers her personal styling services. 
Blake Von D
With a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and working on completing her last year of law school, Blake definitely takes a smart approach to style! She began blogging in 2009 and since then she’s managed to cultivate a dedicated fan base without missing a single beat in her education. Check out her mesmerizing looks at


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