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Tiered Ruffles

Posted on August 08 2017

Remember when ruffles were a fashion no- no?! Well, you can find them in more places than your grandmother's closet, as they are everywhere this season.  The light and romantic detail is not only girly, but it can be edgy and simple too. Adding multiple layers of ruffles can give body, movement, and drama to a garment. The feminine detail is being added to just about any piece of clothing you can imagine. If done correctly, a well placed ruffle can do the exact same job as statement jewelry or handbags! Now sure how to wear? Below are a few ways to make this trend fit your personal style!

Girly Girls

Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa BoutiqueSource: Style Report Magazine

An off the shoulder ruffled crop top is definitely for the girly girls. Tops made with light materials are flowy and have great movement. Not only is it sexy, but you can give off romantic vibes day or night

Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa BoutiqueSource: Women's Fashion Blog

Oversized ruffles and polka dots please! Lighter weight fabric in this design allows for a very  delicate aesthetic.

Plain Janes

Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: Somewhere Lately

A simple ruffled top is not too much nor too little. The small detail is very chic look for a casual occasion or work. 


Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: Pinterest

The intense ruffles around the collar of this shirt take away the need for any statement accessories. Even though this outfit is essentially bare you would never even know it! A pair of heels with a pop of color add a finishing touch to the look.

Edgy Fashionistas

Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Oversized ruffles add a little bit of edge to this girly trend! Playing with different textures and weights of ruffles is a sure way to catch eyes and take away some of the girliness connected to the trend if it doesn't quite fit your style. Heavier weight fabrics can add a harder feel to this soft detail. You can still be a lady while making bold statements!


Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique

Cascading ruffles will add personality to any outfit. Multiple layers of tiered material in different patterns add body and volume to this piece.

Tiered Ruffle details are no longer out of date. So, now all you have to do is adjust them to your style. There is a way for every woman to fit them into her style. It is all about being creative and  making brave style decisions. 

Let BellaRosa ruffle you up a bit! Shop the pieces below to get your wardrobe ready for Tiered Ruffles!

Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique
Chasing Waterfalls Top  


Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique                                                     
Caramel Latte Skirt


Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique
Style and Grace Top


Tiered Ruffles, BellaRosa Boutique





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