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Posted on January 09 2018

Last year brought us tons of memorable fashion moments like the years before. We were witness to many slays from the style icon OG’s as well as some slays from some newcomers to the fashion spotlight. These glow ups are ones that are sure to continue to shine brightly into 2018. So take notes because these fabulous ladies will be giving you all types of inspiration this year.



Top Celebs making fashion statements, BellaRosa Boutique

Source: Instagram

This singer is not new to the celebrity world but her style transformation has been in full effect this year! Ashanti and her stylist Wilfred Lenov have been serving looks that are book worthy all year long. Not only does Ashanti have an amazing body but her grown and sexy style does it even more grace. Ashanti plays with many looks and she is definitely a girl who can do both. Whether she is in a t shirt dress and sneakers or a sheer bodysuit and pumps, she has a look that fits every girl’s style! Follow her on Instagram for more looks @ashanti.

Ryan Destiny


Top Celebs making fashion statements, BellaRosa Boutique

Source: Instagram

Ryan Destiny is a singer and actress who plays the role of alexandria on the show Star. She is amazingly fashionable on and off the screen. Her look is a mixture of avant-garde with a tomboy vibe. Ryan and her stylist Scot Louie play with many different looks but all of these look incorporate unconventional cuts, hems, and structured tailoring. She mixes prints and pairs multiple statement pieces perfectly without overdoing it. This 22 year- old has a look that is advanced for her age! Keep up with impeccable style on Instagram @ryandestiny.



Top Celebs making fashion statements, BellaRosa Boutique

Source: Instagram

This singer has a look of her own but it is extremely fun and refreshing. Not only is she breaking the mold of how women in the music industry should look and dress but she is doing it unapologetically. SZA’s look is what you call modern bohemian. She mixes street wear and vintage to get this laid back look. She also is a girl who can switch it up. Her body is snatched and it is even more evident when she rocks her mini dresses, high slits and 6-inch heels. She’s worked with the stylist Mikel Benyamin and is a patron of many streetwear designers like Namila, Balenciaga, Moschino and many more! SZA’s fashion and music career is only going to grow this year so keep an eye on out on Instagram @sza.


Cardi B


Top Celebs making fashion statements, BellaRosa Boutique

Source: Instagram

Last but never least, this is a glow up we could never leave out! 2017 was the year of Cardi. She has had multiple successes this year but we can’t leave out the fashionista she is continuing to blossom into. The list of stylist she’s worked with is a growing  one but the most noted ones are Mikel Benyamin and Kollin Carter. Every stylist gets her signature look on point. Cardi loves a good fur coat and this gives us new money vibes. Cardis look is flamboyant and flashy, she wants everyone to know she has glown up and we don’t blame you girl! Playing with low and high end fashion is also one of her many style moves. Cardi B is loyal customer to fashion nova and isn’t afraid to let you know. Whether you hate her or love her, you can’t deny that she is one fly and successful boss woman! Give her a follow on Instagram @iamcardib, if you’re not following her already!

These are only a few of the fashionistas they deserve our recognition. Fashion is an art and it’s all about inspiration! 

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent





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