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Statement Pant Suits

Posted on September 12 2017

Statement Pant Suits are the new office wear. This trend has grown majorly over these last few months and is becoming very versatile. Pant Suits are being worn with sneakers, heavy sweaters and are oversized. Some are made of bright colors as well as various textures and patterns. Next time you purchase a suit, consider rocking it in one of these stylish ways.

Statement Colors

Trendy Pant Suits, BellaRosa Boutique
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A statement colored suit is perfect for a night out on the town. Pairing your suit with a sexy top can add a bit of spice to an outfit that is pretty modest for the occasion. If you need to switch it up for another occasion you can simply button it up.

Layered Up

Trendy Pant Suits, BellaRosa Boutique
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The best part of fall is being able to wear layers. Pull out your favorite fall sweater and your trendiest pant suit to create the perfect fall combination. Mixing fabrics is okay so pull out your heaviest knit sweater and let it do the job of keeping you warm. Sometimes coats can be a vibe killer and when you are feeling cute you should definitely be seen! Ditch the coat to showcase this look, but only if it's not too chilly!

Classy & Casual

Trendy Pant Suits, BellaRosa Boutique
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Comfort should be a necessity in every garment you own so why not in a suit. Some days we just want to be cute without trying and owning a set that matches takes away some of the stress of finding coordinating pieces. Throwing on your pant suit and a pair of sneakers is totally acceptable and stylish. Try throwing on a beanie or dad hat with your suit and sneakers, you won't regret it!  


Trendy Pant Suits, BellaRosa Boutique
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The oversized pant suit is super vintage and chic. This may be the trendiest way to wear your suit! The oversized trend has been huge this year and is continuing to grow. Because of how trendy this suit is you probably think it's expensive, but it doesn't have to be. The oversized pants suit might be the most affordable investment into this trend because you can find them in thrift stores and second hand stores all over. Adding your own twist and spunk to them is what makes it look tres chic!


Trendy Pant Suits, BellaRosa Boutique
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Wearing a head to toe pattern is sure to turn some heads but if done wrong this can be a disaster. Knowing how to style a patterned suit is key. The wrong print can do a lot of damage but the right one can create a memorable moment. Making sure that you don't over accessorize and that the pattern isn't too overbearing is the most important part. Keeping it simple is the influence way to go with head to toe patterns. Let the pattern speak for itself! A  striped suit elongate the body and with a pair of heels they can make anyone look like Naomi Cambell! Putting the t-shirt underneath gives the suit even more personality. Feel free to speak to your own style with this look.

I know you're convinced to jump into a suit this fall! Leave those pants suit stigmas in the past and be a trendy innovator this season!  


 Statement Pants Suits, BellaRosa Boutique




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