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Orange Crush

Posted on October 03 2017

 Every fall we are use to seeing the same colors; olive green, mustard yellow, rust and burgundy take over our closets. This fall we’re adding a new color to the roster and all though it isn’t a dark shade,  it’s definitely fitting its way in. Safety Orange is the “it” color this fall! Everyone from Calvin Klein to Rihanna have a piece of this color in their collection. Safety Orange is not only being used in head to toe looks but also as linings and trims for a pop of color. The best part is that it’s flattering so many skin tones! Safety Orange is the underdog rising of fall 2017. If you're not quite sold keep on reading, there’s so many ways to rock this new popping color.

Color Blocking

Source: WGSN

Color blocking your outfits is always some colors don’t make it as easy. Orange is a color that makes this classic styling technique easy. Because of the different undertones in the color orange it can be mixed with many different shades of blue, red, yellows, pinks, purples and shades of brown. Color blocking an outfit successfully can make anyone look like a fashion expert!

Little Orange Dress

Source: Tumblr

A form fitting red dress will always be the classic eye catcher but move over red because orange is taking that spot. The effect orange can have when put up against many different skin tones makes it a very sexy color. Orange adds a glow to anyone’s skin and will have you turning heads and illuminating rooms wherever you go!


Head To Toe

Source: Pinterest

Wearing a bright color head to toe definitely makes a bold statement. This bold style method has to be done strategically and carefully and if done right can create a memorable look. When wearing a bright color head to toe the goal is to make sure the color isn’t swallowing you. Wearing different shades of the color helps with that. Luckily safety Orange isn’t the only orange that’s popping this season. We are also seeing oranges in lighter shades and with metallic finishes. Adding another shade of orange with the Safety Orange will have you looking super chic.

Color Pop

Source: Refinery29

A good pop of color can make any basic outfit look unique. When most people think about adding a color into their outfit to spice it up orange isn’t a go to color. Staying trendy this season means you should change that mindset! An orange accessory like a hat, scarf or even a purse can make a black and white outfit or all black outfit look super fun and unique. Accessorizing is also an easy way for the people who are still skeptical about orange to join in and look chic as well.

Orange is a color that has been undermined by so many but once you see orange on your skin that will all change. Whether you're rocking this trendy color head to toe or as an accent pop of color the glow you’ll receive from Orange will make you a fan forever! It’s time to stop sleeping on this magic color and join in on this fun trend!



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