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Hot Style Tips: How to Accentuate Your Favorite Feature

Posted on February 20 2018


Every fashionista knows that fashion is more than clothes. Fashion is a form of self-expression and an attitude. The connection between looking good and feeling good is a huge one, and style helps bridge it together. There’s no doubt that a poppin’ outfit that gets compliments all day makes you feel good but looking in the mirror and loving what you see is even more important. Every woman has parts we rather not show and learning your personal style and body type can help you pick and choose what you want to show the world. Learning how to accentuate your favorite parts is a must. You can have the hottest outfit on, but if you're going to look stylish, you must know, the fit of your clothing is a huge priority! Knowing what undergarments to wear, understanding proportions, and choosing the right fabrics are only a few parts of it. Let us help you flatter your figure even more!


What Waistline? 


How To Accentuate Your Features, BellaRosa Boutique

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Ladies with hourglass and pear body shapes are notorious for having super snatched waistlines. The waist is one of the standard favorite features amongst women so accentuating it can’t be that hard right? Correct! It’s not hard at all. If you want to show off that waist bodycon dresses are your best friend. High-waisted denim is also an excellent way to show off your waist. If you're going to create the illusion of a small waist, then try wearing belted skirts and dresses. The belt cinches in the waistline create the look of a smaller waist.


Beautifully Strong Shoulders

 How To Accentuate Your Features, BellaRosa Boutique



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Nothing is wrong with having beautiful, strong shoulders. Ladies with inverted triangle and rectangle body shapes tend to have a broader shoulder. Women like Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell have proudly shown off their broader shoulders. Accentuating your shoulders consists of taking the focus off the bottom half of your body. Jackets with strong shoulders or tops with heavy embellishment on top are great ways to show off some sexy shoulder action. Luckily for you, cap sleeves and shoulder pads are back in style! 


Legs For Days


How To Accentuate Your Features, BellaRosa Boutique

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If you’ve got killer legs and you want to show them off go ahead, girl! Showing off your legs doesn’t take much. Mini dresses are the most obvious way to show off your legs. An A-line dress with a Mid-thigh hemline would do wonders for you. You could also try a sexy slit in your dress or skirt as well.

A low waist skinny jean is also a great way to show off your favorite part. A colored trouser will also do the do the job by adding the attention to your legs. To create the illusion that your legs are long trying high waist jeans or trousers will do the job.


Oversized Illusion


How To Accentuate Your Features, BellaRosa Boutique

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 Showing off that little extra on the backside is a must for most women. There are many ways to accentuate this feature or give the illusion. The number one way to show off that derriere or give the illusion of one is rocking a pair of satin flowy wide-leg pants. This fabric is infamous for giving you a great back view. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans are also great for show off this feature as well. Pair your look with a high heel will also give a little lift and make them think you’ve been hitting your squats even harder than you have!

 As women, we are consistently held to high standards so having insecurities is normal; I'm sure even your style icon has some reserves about herself. Learning how to flaunt it and hide it is critical. Fashion gives you the power of choice, through your clothing and personal style you can be whoever you want to be! Making yourself look good, helps you feel good, and when you love yourself you can conquer it all, girl!

I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it’s in or it’s chic, I would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. It’s better to be happy.” — Iris Apfel


 How To Accentuate Your Features, BellaRosa Boutique






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