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Festival Fashion

Posted on September 05 2017

Over the last few years music festivals have taken summer by storm. You can find them in cities all over the world from Illinois to Africa! These festivals provide an outlet for expression to many of the festival goers. Whether you visit the Afropunk Fest in New York or Coachella in California you can express your favorite music genre, beliefs, or culture through fashion. Even though fashion is an expression, sometimes we feel limited to how much we can express ourselves without looking like a sore thumb in the crowd. If you need an excuse to break away from the norms, taking a trip to festival would be the perfect escape. Everyone loves a good vacation with music and fun, but being able to play dress up is always icing on the cake. Here are some super dope looks that we’ve spotted at this years festivals.

Rep Your Style Tribe!


Festival Fashion, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: Pinterest

This bohemian inspired fit worn by Singer Vanessa Hudgens at the Coachella festival screams fun and sexy! The very on trend patterned kimono paired with a wide brim hat is chic and funky!  Since most festivals take place outside, it’s important to be comfortable and this ensemble is sure to keep you soaking up the last of the summer sun.  

Just Say It!

Festival Fashion, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: GQ Style

Part of self expression is being able to be open with your beliefs. The Afropunk goer pictured above was able to express her beliefs cute light hearted way. In the politically charged times we are currently in being able to translate your beliefs in a positive way is awesome and fashion is here to be your aide!

Turn Some Heads!

Festival Fashion, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: Refinery29

Festivals are all about having fun. Letting your hair down requires you to dress and think outside of the box. Putting on a statement piece like the pants the Coachella goer above is sure to catch eyes. You might not have the courage to wear coca-cola pants on a regular day but having a fashionably open mind can help you create a classic festival look.


Festival Fashion, BellaRosa Boutique
Source: Harpers Bazaar

If you’re reading this and thinking you aren’t the risk taker fashionista so festivals aren’t for you, this is far from the truth. There is way to be simple and cute everywhere. The coachella fit above shows a simple, chic and comfortable way to look cute at any festival. A red lightweight blazer adds a pop of color to the basic shorts and tee shirt combo.

Fashion is much more than just trends and the clothes. Fashion can be a way to bring people together, a way to have fun, build confidence and be a voice for those who want to be heard and seen. Let your hair down a little and jump into some fearless and fashionable fun before festival season is officially over!




Festival Fashion, BellaRosa Boutique


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