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6 Style Mistakes To Avoid in 2017

Posted on February 06 2017

The great thing about fashion is the freedom that comes with it; which allows people to continuously curate their style. Although the fashion world has no set rules on how to wear clothing, there are things that every fashionista should be aware of when the time comes to put together the perfect look. Sometimes you have too much and other times, you just don't have enough so finding the perfect balance between the two is the major key. 
1. Animal Print
As a connoisseur of all things fashion, a good print can certainly turn any bland outfit into a fashion statement in an instant. Since Animal print is such a bold choice, you must be careful in the way that you style as to not look too busy. This can be achieved in two ways: limiting yourself to two animal print items per outfit and pairing your prints with complimentary solids.   
2. Accessorizing
A simple necklace and gold watch combo is a great accessory bundle for all outfits no matter the occasion. The new year is all about new goals, right? This year, instead of going to for the classic combo, don't be afraid to stack up your accessories, appropriately that is, so that you can amp up any look. 
3. Oversized
This is one trend that I personally love because it's a great balance between comfort and style. But, this trend has been vastly over-hyped and overdone. Getting so caught up in trends makes us lose focus of the classic styles that always create effortless statements. A nice tailored top or pant definitely goes a long way. 
4. Sporty Chic
One trend that is underrated and should get more exposure in the new year is the sporty chic look. It's a very refreshing look that can easily transition from a day of running errands to an impromptu night of drinks with your friends. It's an easy look to put together when you have the right pair of sneakers, a quality pair of joggers, such as an adidas track pant, and a statement blazer or bomber jacket. 
5. Name Dropping
All the major fashion houses that have become household names have certainly earned there positions through hard work and leaving a major legacy. While they have great products, wearing name brand from head to toe does not make you stylish it's about the quality of the look that you put together. 
6. Risk-Taking
Last but certainly not least, fashion is way too fun to not take full advantage of it. It's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. In 2017, don't be afraid to take your look to the next level by incorporating more colors, prints, brands, etc. 


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